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Featured Coaching Client - Tim Shiffer

Tim Shiffer is the Founder and CEO at Advanced Primate. Advanced Primate was born in Idaho with the mission to be the go-to source for innovative, high-quality adventure gear.

Tim's life's philosophy is If you're not nervous/excited, then you're comfortable. If you're comfortable, then you're not growing.

Recently, Tim was on the same flight as me and joined my family for dinner at my home. It was awesome meeting him in person since the coaching is all remote.

How has your business grown and evolved since the launch?

My business has grown steadily since the beginning. Hard work, lots of hours, and consistent learning/ getting better have helped. Our core mission and business goals haven't changed significantly.

What have been your most significant business achievements?

Sustaining steady growth in all areas we've targeted has been fun. Building a small team, navigating new challenges with them, and watching us all grow has been the most rewarding aspect.

What are your big goals for the next few years?

We want to grow site traffic 10x and sales 4x by the end of 2021. 

What were the main reasons you’ve decided to hire a coach?

I've got a business education, an entrepreneurial drive, and iron will accomplish what I set out to, but there is no substitute for experience. I haven't ever built the business I'm trying to build before. That's the main reason I hired a coach.

What do you like the most about working with Joel?

I really appreciate Joel's communication style. He's great at listening and then finding ways to provide info or advice based on what he hears from me. I always enjoy our conversations.

What tangible and intangible results do you attribute to working with Joel?

In the short time I've been working with Joel, I can see refinements within my mentality. Ways I approach my day or decision-making opportunities. Those are probably more intangible, trust the process, type of things. Tangibly, I can ask direct questions related to the type of business I'm building like, "how should I have this conversation with this person" or "what would you do here?" and he's always given me solid direction. Testing out his suggestions, I've pretty much always experienced clear growth. I'm outside of my comfort zone right now, in fact.

What would you say to someone thinking of hiring Joel to be their coach?

I'd say if you're looking for someone to aim the cannon that you're about to fire yourself out of, go with Joel. He's a great guy and a great coach.

Equip your curiosity with the perfect mix of legendary and upstart gear at For the latest updates, follow Advanced Primate on Facebook and Instagram.

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