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Featured Coaching Client - Gin Amber

A little over a month ago, I began coaching Gin Amber. Instantly, I was impressed with her drive, business acumen, and achievements. I am honored to feature her in this blog post and share a little bit of her story with you. - Joel

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I have loved skincare all my life. Four years ago, when I was going through a divorce and I went broke. I had no choice but to start my dream business, and I did. I had nothing to lose, and I basically hit rock bottom.

How has your business grown and evolved since the launch?

In 2017 my income was $8,000, and after launching my business in 2018, my income was over $440k, then in 2019, it was over $750k, and last year 2020, over 1 Million.

I never thought in my life that my passion for skincare would bring such money.

What have been your most significant business achievements?

Getting my business to over a million dollars in sales on my own in only three years.

I had no investors, no rich husband, no friends or family helping, no sales or business background.

I truly love what I do by sharing my passion with the world.

Also, this year on YouTube, I hit 100k followers and earned YouTube's Silver Play Award.

What are your big goals for the next few years?

In the next few years, my goals are to launch my business on Amazon and continue to meet and surround myself with more amazing business people like Joel.

I will continue to impact and help women build confidence and healthy skin by launching a skincare course.

I am inspired every day by the messages I get from women around the world. They give me the motivation to work harder and make a greater impact.

Additionally, I have future plans to write a book with a publishing goal of 2022.

Connect with Gin Amber:

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