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Featured Coaching Client: Craig Cohen MPT, PT, ATC/L, CSCS

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Being involved in sports my whole life, playing professionally, and working with pro teams and athletes, it was a natural progression for me to start with what I love to do. Help people achieve their goals, solve problems (in this case, with the human mind and body), and create a platform for future opportunity and growth.

How has your business grown and evolved since the launch?

I began my private practice journey renting a room in a Pilates studio with just a table and a stool, and my two hands. Today, we’re a team of 18 in two locations (soon to be three), almost 10,000 square feet of space helping thousands of patients of all ages and physical abilities.

What have been your most significant business achievements?

There have been many small victories along the way, but the couple that stands out the most were: 1) Hiring my first employee. This was the recognition that I had a business and not a job anymore—realizing that it was scalable and helping people. The second would have to be our last acquisition of an existing practice where the prior owner sought me to take over his business as he was retiring. This showed me that we were doing right by our community. The patients and the people in the community, physicians, gyms, studios, and others who send us their loved ones to care for.

What are your big goals for the next few years?

Our goals are straightforward. Help as many people reach their physical and emotional goals as possible. We will do this by additional acquisitions, outreach programs into our community, and a digital platform via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. We are launching a subscription box to our existing clients to keep them healthy and moving in their daily lives and hope to introduce this nationwide by the end of the year.


"Since beginning my journey with Joel, we have more than doubled our net profit. Joel took the time to sit with our team members to find out what they were doing and how we could make it more efficient. He identified areas of cost-saving and other areas of the business that could be grown. He holds us accountable not only for what we say we’re going to do but encourages us to reach further ahead than we might on our own. With Joel on our team, we are in a position for exponential growth in the coming months and years."

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